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Native American...JEWELRY

Cherry Lopez,
Member of the Eastern Band Cherokee, started her love for beading while living in CO,
when she learned how to do the Gourd stich from her Cherokee Grandma, Sandra Beaudry. Cherry loves
the traditional native stitches of her people and incorporates them in her more contemporary beaded items.
After moving back to Southern California she began working for the Bead Station in Lake Forest, where she
continued to learn various techniques from some well-known artists including Sheila Cleary, Don Pierce
and Cheri Browning, whom she learned how to wire wrap.

Once she learned to wire wrap she became addicted and when asked by her husband Mac “Honey, can you
wire wrap this?”
the answer is almost always yes. Cherry loves to work mostly with natural stones like
turquoise but will wrap wire around nearly anything.  In her wire wrap pieces she prefers to enhance the
beauty of the stone by not overwhelming it by extravagant wire work.

In 2009 she was invited to join the bead group “Freeway Beaders”, a group that is comprised
of amazingly talented women around Southern CA who continue to inspire, support, and encourage her talent. Also in 2009 Cherry started working with well-known Native flute maker and performer Mac Lopez (Shoshone/
) who owns Whirlwind Studios, who began to carry her work at countless Pow Wow’s and high-end
Indian Markets in AZ.

Cherry continues to honor Native culture combining traditional and contemporary techniques in her jewelry
pieces, and is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to her unique designs and creativity.
By the way that Native flute maker/ performer friend Mac Lopez, we’ll he is now her husband and together
their art forms are a true compliment each other.

Native American Jewelry
Custom hand made by
Cherry Lopez

(Please click to zoom-in for a closer look...)

White Dichroic Glass
w/Wrapped In Sterling Silver (Sold)*
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
w/Wrapped In Sterling Silver

w/Wrapped In Gold Filled And Sterling Silver
Lab Grown' Ruby
w/Wrapped In Sterling Silver

Brown Sliced Agate
w/Wrapped In copper (Sold)*
Dichroic glass w/Wrapped In Silver (Sold)*

Dichroic glass w/Wrapped In Antique Bronze Blue Sliced Agate w/Wrapped In Silver (Sold)*

Peacock Oar
w/Wrapped In Sterling Silver (Sold)*
Magdalen Sharks Tooth
w/Wrapped In Gold Filled And Sterling Silver

Blue Glass Donut
w/Beaded Netting
Green Glass Donut
w/Beaded Netting

Opal Wrapped In Sterling Silver (sold)* Lapis w/Silver Bai

Abalone Shell
w/Swarovski Crystals
Amethyst Wrapped In Silver

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
w/Wrapped Iin Sterling Silver
Black Onyx Wrapped In Sterling Silver

Pink Peruvian Opal Wrapped
In Gold Filled & Sterling Silver
Black Coral Wrapped In Sterling Silver

Pink Druzy Wrapped In Sterling Silver Accented
w/Steel Beads


(Please click to zoom-in for a closer look...)

Opalized Ammonite
Wrapped In Gold Filled (Reversible)
Hand Painted Metal Pendant w/Original Beading

Kokopelli Beaded Bag
w/Gold & Brownish Red Beads
Kokopelli Beaded Bag
w/Black & Blue Beads

Red & Black Daisy Chain Bracelet Green Daisy Chain Bracelet

Red, Orange, & Yellow Daisy Chain Bracelet Red & Black Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Blue & Black Peyote Stitch Bracelet Black & Green Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Abalone & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Turquoise Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Turquoise & Silver Bracelet Turquoise Chips & Coral Bracelet

Turquoise Nuggets & Coral Bracelet

Turquoise & Coral Turquoise & Silver Necklacet


*Sold items for reference sample only.

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