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Native American...FLUTE MUSIC

At Whirlwind Studios we produce a Native American Music...
–––Flute Songs compose and produce by
Mac Lopez & Various Artist


Music CDs
Titles, Descriptions & Songs

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Native American Flute Music
by Mac Lopez and Tom Thompson

Native American Flute Duets
An ancient breath flows through the hearts of this intensely
artistic duo with their first album of spontaneus flute duets.
Authentically captivating, and a truly astounding work of art.
The energy and balance eminating from the soothing sound
of these Native American Flutes will be a journey not forgotten.
Mac Lopez and Tom Thompson.

1. Morning Prayer
2. Healing Harmony
3. Grandmother's Touch
4. Footprints of Our Ancestors
5. Grandfather Sunrise
6. Life Giver, Peacemaker
7. Remember the Children
8. The Sparrow and the Eagle
9. Searching the Sea


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Native American Flute Music
By Lee Johnson & Mac Lopez

Traditional Native American Flute DuetsNative American
Flute Music has never been more beautiful. Listen to the truly
traditional sounds of the Native American Flute in this release
featuring Lee Johnson & Mac Lopez. All songs are original
compositions by Mac Lopez & Lee Johnson with most being
spontaneously recorded in the studio

1. Wind Messengers
2. Lodge Calling
3. Asolios
4. The Hawk and the Raven
5. Spirit Storm
6. Celebration
7. Waterfall Song
8. Ancient Winds
9. Mothers Song
10. Circles of Two
11. Woods Song
12. My Love
13. Little Pony
14. Rememberance
15. Michael's Tears
16. Resuscitation



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Music of the Native American Flute & Piano
by Mac Lopez and Tom Thompson

Native American Flute and Piano Duets
A beautiful marriage of Native American Flute and Piano you
won't want miss, Native American Music has been taken to the
next level! All musical arrangements were performed and
recorded spontaneously

1. Daybreak
2. New Dreams (Spoken prayer by Mac Lopez)
3. Prayers in the Wind (Chant Song by Mac Lopez)
4. Red Tail Dance
5. Mother of the Trees
6. Old Hawk
7. Lullaby for Zedd



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Songs In Fifth Harmony
Native American Flute by
with Special Guest Brian McNulty & Lee Thompson

From the beginning of this CD, Mac's spoken word and the
sounds from the 2000 year old clay flute and the gourd flute sets
the stage for a spiritual journey. Story of the Redtail Hawk is the
story of our connection with all things, as well as our journey
through life. This is the long awaited solo recording for Mac in
which his expertise with story telling and the flute shine through.
Mac aptly relates the story with words and music with Special
Guest Lee Johnson and Brian McNulty.

1. Fledging's Arrival
2. Little Hawk
3. Life's Lessons
4. Sacred Teachings
5. Hearing the Whispers
6. The Long Flight
7. Messenger of Hope
8. Return to Earth Mother
9. To Our Children
10. Little Hawk's Prayer

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Songs In Fifth Harmony
Native American Flute Duet by
Mac Lopez & Brian McNulty

Songs in 5th Harmony by Mac Lopez and Brian McNulty
This CD is designed to perpetuate the awareness of growth
and healing through the breath of life in 5th Harmonies.
These harmonies activate both sides of the brain simultaneously.
The songs are also arranged in keys to correspond to the healing
centers or Chakras of the human body, starting from the base chakra
up to the crown chakra. This CD manifested not only for relaxation,
prayer or meditation but as a practical healing compilation which
can be used in many Healing Arts.

1. Enduring Spirit - Root Chakra
2. Turtle Star - Navel Chakra
3. Journey Home - Solar Plexis Chakra
4. Spirit Bird - Heart Chakra
5. wa-ni-ge go-hu-nv (Delicate Wing) - Throat Chakra
6. Looking Glass - Third Eye Chakra
7. The Knowing Heart - Crown Chakra CD

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Native American Flute Music
by Mac Lope & Grandchildren Kendra Muro

Native American Flute Duets by Mac Lopez and Granddaughter
Kendra Muro. This is Mac's latest release that was nominated for a NAMA
(Native American Music Awards) shortly after its release, and Mac is very
honored for the nomination but what he is most touched by is that this
Duet features his Granddaughter Kendra on the flute, drum and spoken
word. Mac's Great Granddaughter Lynn-x (who was 3 years old at the time
of recording) her beautiful voice can also be heard on this special CD
on 4 different songs which will touch your hearts.

2009 Native American Music Award Nomination for Best Spoken Word Recording "Gift of the Grandchildren" by Mac Lopez, (Granddaughter's: Kendra Muro & Lynn-x Peters) & Brigitte Lopez

1. Going to Water (Drum: Mac, Flute: Kendra)
2. Daddy's Hug (Flutes: Mac & Kendra, Baby's Voice: Lynn-x)
3. Children's Skipping Song (Flutes: Mac & Kendra, Rattle: Brigitte)
4. Mama's Love (Flutes: Mac & Kendra, Baby's Voice: Lynn-x)
5. Dancing With Gramma (Drum & Flute: Mac)
6. Jonah's Whispers (Flutes: Mac & Kendra)
7. Nana & Boo (Flute: Kendra)
8. Eternal Heartbeat (Fire Flute & Percussion: Mac,
Poem: Brigitte, Baby's Voice: Lynn-x)
9. Smile of an Angel (Flutes: Mac & Kendra)
10. My Grandchildren Poem & Flute: Mac, Drum: Brigitte,
Baby's Voice: Lynn-x)
11. Gentle Heart of Lupe (Rattle: Mac, Flute: Kendra)
12. Grandpa's Lullaby (Drum: Brigitte, Flute: Kendra)
13. Sacred Message (Poem: Kendra, Gourd Flute: Mac)


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